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Rammed Earth Construction

What is Rammed Earth?Rammed Earth Construction

Rammed earth makes a sturdy monolithic wall made out of natural compacted soil.  Through the densification of different natural materials like clay, sand, gravel, soil, pumice, lime or chalk, the wall becomes structurally sound and sturdy. This natural wall adapts to any kind of weather and enhances acoustics.

How is Rammed Earth Compiled?

Rammed earth is compiled using strong framework panels. Moist soil is compressed between two panels and left to dry. Once dried, the panels are removed and what remains is the compacted soil. This monolithic wall then strengthens, as it gets older.

Rammed earth buildings are being constructed everywhere. Formation and construction used to be smaller, unwieldy and not very precise.  As technology and innovation progressed, the formwork and soil preparation technique improved extensively. This made the method respectable and viable for many people.

Rammed earth construction has become even more popular in the 21st century. The growing concern for the environment has made it a welcome architectural approach to developing sustainable homes and buildings.

Rammed earth being conducive to solar absorption, in addition to being built from unprocessed mineral soil, makes it an ideal construction alternative today.

How Coastline Eco Building will integrate Rammed Earth into Your Design

Constructing your home or building using the process and technique of rammed earth is labour intensive and slow. However, Coastline Eco Building has an innovative approach to mixing natural materials using advance technology. This enables us to produce results at a much quicker pace. This makes the project cost-effective because the timeframe for construction is lessened.

Furthermore, Coastline Eco Building can incorporate rammed earth into any part of your home. We can mix coloured metal from quarries and brown and blue rock from your own land and give you a wide variety of colours that will fit your design and plans.

Coastline Eco Building

About Coastline Eco BuildingCoastline Eco Building has been developing sustainable homes and buildings for almost three decades.

Steve Gillespie has a vision of constructing rammed earth buildings and eco-friendly homes throughout Northland. He is constantly refining his life-long dream and pursuing his passion through constructing buildings and homes that are environmentally sustainable, affordable and adaptable to all kinds of environments. This is a business based on vision, innovation and passion.

Steve’s vision is of Northlanders living in sustainable and beautifully crafted homes that promote good health and comfortable living. One of Steve’s innovations include his “Hydraulic Mixing Bucket” attached to a 12 ton digger which enables Coastline Eco Building to mix and place rammed earth at an extremely fast pace. His passion is for this ancient form of construction that out lives and out performs many modern methods.

People have been using this technique for thousands of years. Over the course of the last century, this technique has been refined and has become a widely acceptable and respectable form of construction.

Several factors make up the rammed earth buildings including the mix, proportion and angularity of material. It is a complex process to do. Nonetheless, Coastline Eco Building has a team of dedicated individuals who value the same vision as Steve.

Our secret to a sustainable business is our tireless effort to provide a quality output to every client with little or no issues at all.

We value our clients’ vision and time that's why we listen to your ideas and plans and we integrate our services into your needs. We look into every aspect of the plan never leaving any small detail unturned.

Our guarantee is on the dot delivery with high quality results. We value your trust and confidence in our service that’s why we make sure that you have a well-organised team of professionals to back you up.